Saturday, November 15, 2008

Muslimien pefofiiliprofeettansa, joka myös oli tunnettu joukko- ja kansanmurhaaja kunnian puolustaminen saa yhä naurettavampia piirteitä

Muslimien pefofiiliprofeettansa muhammedin, joka myös oli tunnettu joukko- ja kansanmurhaaja kunnian puolustaminen saa yhä naurettavampia piirteitä

Hui hui Irakin muslimien viesti ... sai nauramaan:) kommentointini takia

Oheisen takia alkoi laulu "Mustafasta" pyörimään päässäni ;)

"Mustafa sent you a message.

Remember do not fu.k your mother
Between Mustafa Kasim and You

Mustafa Kasim
Today at 6:38am
Dear Mr Lehto

your name has been reported to our black list. all your account information will be unlocked, and a legal obligation in the Finlandian courts will be processed against you within the next twelve months due to your disrespectful atittude.

Kinds Regards

The Iraqi National Web Inelligence Guards INWIG


To reply to this message, follow the link below:"

Aiemmat viestimme:

world of respect is better
Between You and Mustafa Kasim

Mustafa Kasim
October 1 at 5:46pm
hey man salam (peace)
muhammed is a symbol of billions of muslims though out the world and its not part of your chrisstian or finladian culture so do not offend him. if u want to make fun of some thing, make fun of some thing you own, something part of your culture, your heritage, your background. muslims have never offend jesus the crist or made fun of him.. DO NOT CROSS YOUR LIMITS toword other cultures and religions.its stupid to do so.

November 13 at 3:03pm
The plain truth is not offending - It is obligatory must, which must reveal to public .. even it is well known pedofile culture islam

Take more information and come to support Seppo Lehto campaign into Europarliament ;)

Seppo Lehto
Mustafa Kasim
November 13 at 5:22pm
what culture my friend.. culture of the Vikings or culture of Vodka .. culture of gay marraige or lesbians, culture of prostitution or culture of "who is my father, mum".YOU HAVE CROSSED YOUR LIMITS FOR THE SECOND not here to offend you i want you to respect our culture .. our religion .. our faith .. our islam ..and our symbol ... do NOT tell me that the group you made is not offending, do not tell me that your naked pic and the paintings are not offending ... WELL THIS IS YOUR PLAIN TRUTH ..and its shame on you ..

by the way can you tell the Euroarliament to stop begging for a few parels of oil from us ...its pathatic you know ..
November 14 at 1:10am
Heh, heh who needs oil? We have plenty of wood. It`s better than filthy polluating oil ;)

Yours Sincerely

Pedofile Muhammed caricaturist Seppo Lehto
Tampere Finnland
Mustafa Kasim
November 14 at 4:34am


ok..from your pic it seems that you are a nazi ... an old fagot like you should take his wood and stay at home..and do not open your big mouth touching feelings of others .... however, your name will be reported if you do not stop and admit an appology for your unrespactable behaviour .
Today at 12:16am
I`m not national socialist (=nazi) but nationalit yes indeed

and muhammed caricaturist

as you see ,) in youtube, too ;) Look at more

Ihmisoikeusaktivisti ja muhammed pilakuvataiteilija Seppo Lehto europarlamenttiin suomalaisuusasialla


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Eurovaaliehdokas valkoisemman tulevaisuuden eurooppalaisuuden ja Suomen asialla Lehto Seppo Kuntavaaliehdokas Tampere said...

Muistakaamme että Mika Johan Illman on trollien trolli, joka saa trollauksistaa huikeita korvauksia, kun laitatuttaa suomalaisia ajattelijoita väärämielisiin syytteisiin.

Onneksi muutokset tuulet ovat alkaneet puhaltamaan niin huumori-, kuin muillakin rintamilla

Seppo Lehto Tampere